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Splange - adjective

Used to describe what someone is talking about.
It is the verbal equivalent to chatting shit and/or shit talking (or better known as trash talking)

Splange finds the majority of its usage amongst Blacks in the United Kingdom
Always - chattin' splange
He's not the - fuckin' guy
He's just a - stupid boy
I should - slap mans face
- Tempa T

A: You're such a dumb motherfucker, I'm gonna fuck your mom; the bitch
B: Stop splangin' me

I'm gonna splange this youtube video
by rzhhhh November 12, 2011
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The slightly over eger weed smoker who hogs the joints, gets way too high and and doesn't put in.
"I can't fucking believe this Matt you prick, next time you come round you'd better bring some weed, you fucking splange."
by Gazbenandbevan February 23, 2007
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to spray someone with the vapour out of a half empty Lucozade Sport bottle, preferably with an element of surprise.
go over there and splange Becky in the face when she turns around cuz shes doin my fookin head in
by Marc, Deano, Mikey & Mark October 11, 2007
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When something is dropped or falls to the ground and spreads out with the impact
1. The ripe melon hit the floor with a splange

2. The bowl fell off the work surface , hit the floor and the custard splanged everywhere
by Metalworker August 17, 2016
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