A proper name or nickname variation of the British slang term spiv, which is defined as a slacker who lives by his wits or one that shirks responsibility. First heard in a Dances With Wolves scene, when Kevin Costner's character is called "Spivey" by a soldier.
That guy tells his boss he is working from home, but is really out riding his Buell motorcycle or watching baseball, what a Spivey!

Sean has had the nickname of Spivey ever since working summer camp at Lost Valley.
by Sean Holman September 20, 2007
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Something that is even hotter then spicy
Vanessa is looking really spivey today
by fatcow123 January 13, 2022
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Anyone who is hateful, spiteful, or generally bitchy. Typically this term is used in reference to a woman of ill character.
Man, Corry's ex Steph is a spivey ass bitch!
by Ill_padre August 4, 2012
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An traditional British name, often meaning quick-witted, untrustworthy, and irresponsible. Due to association with these characteristics, the name was often a label for thieves and petty criminals.
I ran into my old friend Michael Spivey at the mall today.
by Redleo500 May 15, 2014
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A verbal catchall.
A word that can be used in almost any situation to replace almost any word in almost any context (most particularly adverbs & adjectives.)
A non-explitive which is surpassed in linguistic versatility only by the english word "fuck".
"I was gonna get her a gift, but she was akkin' all spivey n' shit."

"Check out ya boi's new suit, tell me I ain't spivey as hell!"

"Dem boi on the corner lookin' mad spivey son!"

"Ooo wee! Getcho ass over here gurl, whitcho spivey thighs!"

Dude A) "Hey bro, you don't look so spivey."
Dude B) "Yeah, I'm feelin' a little spivey today, I don't think I'll be able to go with y'all on the road trip."

"They said what?!? They don't know me! I'll get spivey on a muthafukka wit' the quickness!"

(Observing a fly femme killin' it on the dance floor:)
"Daaaayum! Git spivey wit' it girl!"

"I'm the spiveyest man alive!!!!"
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a spivey is a person of any age, gender or sexuality who spends a disproportionate amount of time doing their hair, often making them late for things, or resulting in people finding them slightly pathetic due to their efforts.
Your hair looked fine 25 minute ago, you're such a spivey!
by e.a.... November 2, 2010
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sneaky, like a ninja.

also, cold and calculating.

resourceful, a la MacGuyver.
I couldn't shoot him in paintball because that spivey m-effer just vanished into thin air.

You never know what he'll do; he's spivey like that.

We didn't have the tools we needed to fix it, but since Buster is as spivey as MacGuyver, we were soon back on the road.
by i_was_like_you December 1, 2011
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