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An acronym used for phone texting which stands for "Just Fcuking Call Me". When one is sick of friends texting him/her and just wants them to call instead of texting.
* read on a phone text conversation:

Friend: Hey man, how you doing? What are your plans for today and tomorrow? Did you watch the movie yet? Isnt it cool?

You: jfcm

Friend: okay
by whippersnapp3r November 03, 2009
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like the term horny, when you feel the urge to have sex really badly. Spikey is derived from the sharp pointy horns of a devil.
I started kissing my girlfriend Michelle all over her body and we both got extremely spikey.
by whippersnapp3r September 29, 2006
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A woman's nice yummy buttocks. Usually young and plump in nature. They come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. When in the field of vision of a Yum Bum it drives you wild. Almost to the point of biting your lips.
Whippersnapper: Hey Sammy, look at those delicious Yum Bums. Looks so nice I almost bit my lip.

Whipper's friend: Yes I agree, those Yum Bums are the tops.
by whippersnapp3r April 14, 2019
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