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When your girlfriend is mad at you so she takes all the blankets and systematically wraps herself up like a caterpillar. This, preventing you from having any blankets... so you have have to sleep in the cold.
Man: I can’t come into work today because I got a cold.

Boss: Who’d you get the cold from?

Man: I got CATERPILLAR(ed) by my girl and was freezing all night..sorry boss.
by TrickyAru November 29, 2018
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-Refers to a females unkept eyebrows; they are typically thick and dark
"Look at the nasty caterpillars on that girl"
by li8m February 20, 2009
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A term used to describe the way marijuana looks after it is unwrapped when you screw up rolling a joint. The marijuana without the paper, ends up looking like a green caterpillar.
Lindsay- "Oh Manny, you fucked up the joint, re-roll it!"

Manny- "damn you're right (as manny unwraps the joint)"

Andy- "Dude, that bud looks like a caterpillar now!"

Lindsay- "Yeah! like a caterpillar in its Cocoon!"

Andy- "No way dude, it does!"
by Lumberjack777 November 12, 2012
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A closet homosexual that will someday break out of his cacoon and be a beautiful butterfly.
A teen working up the courage to come out to his parents is a caterpillar in his cacoon.
by Ano Inc July 26, 2010
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Sex in a sleeping bag, because it looks like a caterpillar.
"Next weekend me and my girlfriend are going camping. We're going to caterpillar all night."
by jeremy97979 April 06, 2010
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