When your girlfriend is mad at you so she takes all the blankets and systematically wraps herself up like a caterpillar. This, preventing you from having any blankets... so you have have to sleep in the cold.
Man: I can’t come into work today because I got a cold.

Boss: Who’d you get the cold from?

Man: I got CATERPILLAR(ed) by my girl and was freezing all night..sorry boss.
by TrickyAru November 30, 2018
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A term used to describe the way marijuana looks after it is unwrapped when you screw up rolling a joint. The marijuana without the paper, ends up looking like a green caterpillar.
Lindsay- "Oh Manny, you fucked up the joint, re-roll it!"

Manny- "damn you're right (as manny unwraps the joint)"

Andy- "Dude, that bud looks like a caterpillar now!"

Lindsay- "Yeah! like a caterpillar in its Cocoon!"

Andy- "No way dude, it does!"
by Lumberjack777 November 12, 2012
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Holy shit! Look at that caterpillar! It's fucking HUGE!
by Xtine Max January 2, 2004
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1: A insect that eats leaves and Eventually morphs into a Butterfly ot a Moth

2: A company that makes Construction equipment. Known in the early years of it's history for making Crawler tractors, Or bulldozers. That is why Bulldozers are somtimes referred to as "Cats"

Caterpiller started in 1925 after the merger of Holt and Best, Crawer tractor companys that were strong competitors.

In the 1930's, Caterpillar was the first company in the US to use the Diesel engine in tractors, Demonstrating their economy and power compared to Gas engines. Caterpillar also started using Yellow paint in 1931, as this increased visibility of the tractor on roads (Try seeing a Grey Tractor at night!)

The Crawler tractors started out as agriculteral Tractors, Then in the 1940's Cat started adding blades to their tractors, Creating the first manufactured Bulldozers (Bulldozers before were attachments that were usually homemade). They were used everywere, Including in WW2.

Caterpillar Now has a major line of Construction Machinery, and is more often then not, referred to as Cat. Caterpillar is considered the undisputed Bulldozer King.
1: If that caterpillar eats another leaf, he's got to explode!

2: "We want to clear this land, and make a road up the hill. Get the Cat."
by Puffie40 January 25, 2005
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Long and wide sized cocaine line. Also may be known as a "cati" on the streets.
Where's the coke up in this bitch? I'm trying to rail out a fat caterpillar tonight.
by Baby Dick Rick January 28, 2011
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Usually seen on tourist beaches. Its when pubic hair peeks out of either side of a bikini bottom on an unkempt woman.
"Dude!...check out the Caterpillar on the chick in the red bikini!!"

"Ugh! Why did you make me look at that...she needs to get that shit waxed!!!"
by owlcoholic July 30, 2009
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A thick and bushy object, usually spanning from one corner of a person's eye to the other and placed just under the forhead.

A unibrow.

Also known as the engine used in Peterbilt semi-trucks.
Raef Girges has a caterpillar on his face
by Gregory Gregorson August 15, 2007
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