My three-year-old likes to try a sip of our seltzer water, but she says it's too spicy.

Honey, did you pick up any spicy water at the store today?

Man, this seltzer is extra spicy!
by uffda18 July 31, 2012
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An alcoholic drink without bubbles consisting of both water and vodka.
Guy 1: "Hey I'm going to go grab myself a good ole Spicy Water, do you want one?"

Guy 2: "A Spicy Water? Oh hell yeah!"
by S8THR January 20, 2020
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Used to describe very low octane gasoline.
Term used by Jeremy Clarkson on the UK automotive show Top-Gear.
Cars in the Soviet Union were designed to run on gas octane ratings as low as 72! That's hardly even gasoline, that's just Spicy Water!
by qwerty732 July 29, 2017
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A meme created to the category "white people jokes" Sprite, Sprite Zero or 7up are referred to a spicy water
If white people have no culture, then why does spicy water exist?
by Markus4lyfe July 2, 2017
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A slang term for alcoholic beverages among the hosts of the Convert to Raid podcast (a podcast for raiders in the online game World of Warcraft).
We all got a little crazy the weekend of BlizzCon--There was a lot of spicy water being consumed at the after party!
by SteelPhoenix78 March 28, 2016
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“Mm,” I Said to my science teacher, “this spicy water sure is tasty!”
“Please stop drinking the hydrochloric acid, billy.”
by Möth Bröthêr June 18, 2020
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