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Pronounced "keepin' 'er green"

While working from home, deliberately moving the mouse or pressing keys solely to keep Skype for Business status as "Available" (green) instead of "Away/Inactive" (yellow) so that your boss thinks you're working
Person 1: "I Skyped him 3 times today, I don't know why he isn't responding, his status is 'Available' on Skype"
Person 2: "That's because he's keeping her green, the guy is playing Runescape all day today and he just wiggles his mouse on the work laptop every 15 minutes so his Skype status doesn't become inactive".
by qwerty732 January 6, 2021
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Used to describe very low octane gasoline.
Term used by Jeremy Clarkson on the UK automotive show Top-Gear.
Cars in the Soviet Union were designed to run on gas octane ratings as low as 72! That's hardly even gasoline, that's just Spicy Water!
by qwerty732 July 29, 2017
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IBSSL is an acyrnim. It stands for "Itchy Ball Sack Stuck To Leg".
Bob: Fuck (rubs crotch), IBSSTL!
Marry: IBSSTL? What?
by qwerty732 February 5, 2010
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