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not fake white bitch tea but real British tea.
Alfred: why sir george i have prepared for you your daily spicy water
George: oh why thank you alfred i shall enjoy my spicy water now
Alfred: tally ho!
George: Cheerio!
by Bapekid May 6, 2019
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Spicy potato water is the nickname for Poitín (aka potcheen, poteen or potheen) which is an traditional irish distilled vodka (40-90% ABV)
((Its to be drank in shots, but can be drank in larger amounts, like which is done at Irish seshs))
Colm always drinks that Spicy Potato Water at every Session possible!!
by CRZ EchoCraftMCSimmer February 25, 2018
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"Hey Ashley, let's go to Starbucks and get sum Spicy water"
by NotAWhiteCunt August 29, 2017
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toilet water, water from the bowl of a toilet.

is considered an evolved version of a piss kink
"Hey do you have some water I'm thirsty"
"I do have some SPICY water, if you think you can handle it"
"Please dude, I've been drinking spicy water since before you could walk"
by Dip$ey January 20, 2021
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