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Historically, the term referred to the military special units controlled by the military intelligence service GRU, the Spetsnaz GRU. Currently, the term is also used to describe any special purpose units or task forces of other ministries (even the Ministry of Emergency Situations special rescue unit), also in some other post-Soviet countries.
by Dancing with Fire April 22, 2013
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Russian special forces skilled in highly-advanced CQB, and with the objective of getting behind the enemy lines and getting the job done quickly and efficiently.

Although they lost their fame at the end of the Cold War, they are still highly-capable soldiers trained on all aspects, including counterterrorism.

See also GRU.
"I'd like to take Spetsnaz training so I can fight like those guys from The Hunted."
by Dave September 08, 2004
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Noun: A Russian special operations division formed during the Cold War. Famous for uniform production of total badasses by way of extreme training

Verb: To achieve a goal in an extreme, badass, or simply awesome manner. Bonus points for crazy stunts, unusual weapons, and explosions.

See Also: Backflip Hatchet Attack
Some fuckwad was speaking against the glorious motherland (Mother Russia), so I Spetsnazed him to death and burned his house down.
by freeman54 June 04, 2010
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Russian military special forces that give the U.S. Navy SEALS a run for their money. The Spetsnaz are the most badass badasses in the world. Their main strategic is to rush the enemy, going in all guns-a-blazing, and they're the team every Call of Duty player wants to be on.
Tactical Nuke is launched.
Spetsnaz: (calmly), Enemy nuke incoming.... Yay
by TheRussianHammer September 17, 2014
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A name that once had some value, it was the name of the Russian Elite Forces. After the falling of the Berlin-wall and the collapse off USSR it lost it flame.
A butthole used it as his nickname for a game called Ravenshield
a butthole with an age that is not allowed ot buy beer
by A fan May 21, 2004
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someone whos fucked in the head because he was fucked in the ass by his sister with borrowed Dildo from the CCI Fetish-boyz
by A fan May 21, 2004
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