One who enjoys exploring cavernous regions and rustic encampments.
Joey is such a spelunker - kids fuckin up in tha caverns 24/7
by Jimmy Williams April 30, 2003
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A super long turd that disappears into the unknown abyss of the toilet drain while the other end is still at the surface. otherwise known as anaconda.
I ate so much last night I laid a spelunker this morning.
by turdferguson, jr. December 4, 2015
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Racial slur for lazy white people, used as retaliation for the word "Nigger"
Cam says "ok nigger"

you say "ok spelunker"
by idrinkcandlewax January 11, 2019
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other forms: spelunking, spelunked, spelunks(v), spelunker (n)

1. v.;the exploration of natural caves
2. v.;the exploration of a man's anus by either: A. himself, B. a female sex partner., or C. male sex partner.
1. Bat researchers usually spelunk many caves to find their information.

2. while watching porn: "Eww, did you see her slip her finger into his butt? She's totally into spelunking."
by angel December 23, 2004
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The origin of all the other definitions for spelunking

noun: The act of exploring a cave
1. One popular activity to do out in the wilderness is go spelunking
by Anonymous April 26, 2004
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the act of exploring for the missing condom after deep penetration
The next morning, "Oh yeah, we never found it. Better get out the head lamp so we can go spelunking."
by Miss Millie March 1, 2004
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The act of inserting ones head into the vaginal opening of a female companion.
Luis- "Damn, I heard Sally is really loose"
Anand- "Yeah, I think Mike should give her the spelunker"
by JustSomeGuy2 November 6, 2007
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