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A web~winged mammal that uses echolocation to get its bearings. They're black or brown & live in caves, trees, & other suitable domains. They're mouse~like & nocturnal. They range from 1.5" with a wingspan of 5" to 17" long with a 5 Foot wingspan! The babies are called pups & gestation is from 40 days to 6 months. Bats can live for up to 20 Years! Vampires can turn into bats.
Bat is 1 of my spirit animals & I'm fascinated with them! Vampires can turn into Bats. I Love the Bats!
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by Starchylde September 08, 2016
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a small pipe that only holds a tiny amount of marijuana, only enough for one hit, it's shaped like a ciggerette and is about as long as a ciggerette as well. most bats come with a dug-out as a set, and are usually stored inside the dug-out for convenience
You wanna take a rip off the bat?
All I have is a bat, and dug-out.
Lets smoke the kief with the bat.
by the_infinitesimal October 14, 2004
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Big Ass Titties. An acronym used to describe large, bouncy, voluptuous, milk-filled, mouth-watering, motor-boating, bitching breasts on a female.

Often uttered to express approval of a woman's breasts to another person without saying the full expression as to avoid confrontation, contemptuous looks, and/or possible sexual harassment allegations.
Bro 1: Dude, check out the bats at 3 o'clock.
Bro 2: I'd suck on those bats like my 4 year old brother on my mother's tits.
by acslater69 January 08, 2011
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1. Australian Slang: Means to masterbate.

2. A club shaped object usually used in sports and made of wood.
1. Andy went home for a shit, shave, shower and bat

2. I stuck a baseball bat through the window of the cunts car.
by Pariahzero June 01, 2009
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"Big Ass Tits"
Breasts that are enormously large, but on a body that is not
Mike's girlfriend has B.A.T.s, but she's skinny as hell
by Jackal November 24, 2003
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