A web~winged mammal that uses echolocation to get its bearings. They're black or brown & live in caves, trees, & other suitable domains. They're mouse~like & nocturnal. They range from 1.5" with a wingspan of 5" to 17" long with a 5 Foot wingspan! The babies are called pups & gestation is from 40 days to 6 months. Bats can live for up to 20 Years! Vampires can turn into bats.
Bat is 1 of my spirit animals & I'm fascinated with them! Vampires can turn into Bats. I Love the Bats!
by Starchylde September 9, 2016
Champ: You know what they call bats?
Ron: What?
Champ: The chicken of the caves....
by BTheMiner December 26, 2013
1. Australian Slang: Means to masterbate.

2. A club shaped object usually used in sports and made of wood.
1. Andy went home for a shit, shave, shower and bat

2. I stuck a baseball bat through the window of the cunts car.
by Pariahzero June 1, 2009
A nocturnal creature that continues to receive bad press since the coronavirus pandemic hit the planet, because it was blamed for unprovenly transmitting the virus to humans.
After a video showing a Chinese woman consuming bat soup (which was shot in Palau, and not in China, many years before the Covid-19 outbreak) was virally circulated, the bat has since become the world’s most notorious mammal.
by 🦠₉₁₁ March 9, 2021
A derogatory term for African Americans. Originated in a joke and commonly used among teens in South-west United States.
"Nigga you a bat!", "God, niggas is bats." "Niggas is being bats!", "You're acting battish."
by Apollo Johnson May 13, 2007
A person who is 'blind' to the world around them unless somebody explains it to them. They can only 'see' if somebody is by their side to explain the ways of the world.
Natalie is a bat, I have to explain everything to her. Poor girl.
by DeamonsAngel July 13, 2009