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You are real horny over those new shoes!
by angel December 31, 2003
The speed of light is faster than sound! Hence, levin is faster than trueno!
by angel August 6, 2003
The sound of frictionless acceleration.
By adding more "e"'s you are stateing that the object is accelerateing longer than normal*.
By changing the "e"'s to capitals you are stateing that the object is allelerating faster than normal*.

*Normal is stated by the average acceleration and length the person says the word at.
"WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Wow that emu ride was incredible!!!!"
by angel August 8, 2003
n. all women's college located in Troy, NY where the only thing to do is get hammered at RPI with the geeksquad fraternities. Chances of getting laid and actually liking it...zero.
Russell Sage-not a girls school without men but a women's school without boys
by angel January 21, 2005