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the smallest town in pennsylvania where the fun thing to do it do drugs and be dirty whores.
sayre is a really small town.
by sayre haterrrrrr July 11, 2008
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1. (Physics) The point at which all that is civilized, worthwhile, innovative or good about humankind becomes a five year crack binge with your mom in the shadow of a feeding mill while cattle look on.

2. (Ethics) Where Hitler and Stalin go when they die.

3. v. To copulate or otherwise engage in sexual activity with a member of one's own family.

4. Unemployment, a convict.
1. After selling our kids to Taiwanese slave traders, covering the walls of our house with fecal matter, and trading all the family heirlooms for PCP and meth, we had found ourselves in a real sayre.

2. I'm in hell now, and that means I have to staple my testicles to my upper lip on a daily basis. But hey, at least I'm not in Sayre.

3. Ah sheeyit, what a mess, I just sayred all over my cousin's stomach.
by I <3 teh InterwebZzz July 22, 2008
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