1. Spate can be an alternative term to sex
2. Spate also means to play a prank on someone
3. You can also Spate yourself, by accidentally causing grief to yourself after performing an act.
4. Spate can be used as a curse word.
1. Did you Spate roger last night?
2. Spate your mate!
3. Losing the ball in football, then the opposition scoring.
4. After making a mistake shouting spate
by BUFC May 20, 2011
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generally a woman that has sex (anally, orally and in the vagina) with scrubs. She also has habits of cramping styles and taking up space.
Kate is such a fucking spate bro!
by Brett Koehn April 24, 2008
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spating is a word which means an idiotic person that usually got dropped on their head at birth
by karaphiaphobia April 28, 2021
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David Spates is the best entertainer that niggas watch on YouTube. His channel is laughandpeealittle, and his best series is his PORN (Prisoners on the Run) series, where he and his nigga John Ollie (johnollie) make videos about them telling their crime stories. You a nigga and noting is good on BET, watch David Spates.
Go to YouTube and search for PORN talk. Best David Spates ever.
by AFB64 October 30, 2011
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A word used, in conjunction with 'yates'; it is an insult commonly aimed at newbie owners of canal boats.
"Ah, Yates!" Whilst pointing and laughing in a mocking fashion.
by Frederick Coleman June 8, 2005
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"is that a spate sparkling walking stick in your pocket or are you excited to see me?"
by Raymond knowledge January 26, 2018
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