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Sped + Smart = Spart. For when you want to compliment and roast your friends at the same time. its a little bit of both
by adem_atas January 30, 2018
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sped + smart = spart, for when you want to offend and compliment someone at the same time. basically, a little bit of both
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by adem_atas May 03, 2018
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The act in which a man flatulates warm semen after pleasurable anal sex with another male. This act of flatulation causes a projectile white liquid to shoot out from the anal cavity.
Tim sparted in his boyfriend's face. His boyfriend, Pat, neglected to wash his face that night. The next morning, Pat's face had what appeared to be a very horrible rash with pulsating boils. Pat is no longer living.
by Todd Bergton February 27, 2008
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Short for "Spartacist" - a cult of Kim Il-Sung appologists that claim to be the only legitimate heirs to Leon Trotsky, and the vanguard of world revolution, forth-internationalist-stylee.
Sparts have a slightly discomforting obsession with abolishing "fascist" age-of-consent laws, and are occasionally shunned as some sort of Marxist-NAMBLA.
Silly Spart, I don't want a subscription to yr theoretical journal.
by VMC January 11, 2005
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Sports that require artistic excellence, not just athletic ability. Often not considered sports because the are judged on art and not physical skills, sparts require artistic ability, and are judged. You cannot objectively say who is the best at any particular spart, rather who's form you like most. Often people can be very good at sports, but not at sparts as they lack the ability for the fine motor movements involved. Same with those who are good at sparts, they lack the speed or raw strength involved in many sports.

The word is based off of a combination of art and sport, because they are artsy sports. Judged on artistic quality and not physical ability.
Julie: Marching band is definately a sport.
Bob: Really, It's more of a spart. It's got this artsy thing going.
by jordanaustino October 10, 2010
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The gassy-fluid discharge which explodes from an insemenated anus.
My ole' lady sparted all over herself after I donkey-balled her ass last night.
by ten rb January 08, 2005
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