A derogatory term meaning retard. Comes from the phrase special education.
by Joiscool2019 March 6, 2018
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1. One who attends special education classes.
2. The special education program.
3. An insult used when someone does something stupid.
1. "He is a sped."
2.a "She is in sped ed."
2.b "She is in sped."
3. "Darren you are such a sped."
by Dana M. October 24, 2003
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An insult derived from the shortening of "special education".
Person 1: I can't believe I walked into that sign post.
Person 2: Yeah, you should move to the sped class. You'll be right at home.
by doughnut November 19, 2007
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The term sped is used for someone who is in the special education program.
by danamiche November 6, 2003
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the past tense word of speed
it is also an abbreviation of special education or people who are special needs.
a car full of speds going to sped sped past the house
by williemac98 February 21, 2012
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An insult saying someone is fucking retarted or in Special Education
You’re such a sped monkey Micheal!
You sped monkey!
by Sped Monkey January 6, 2022
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A combination of special and education, used instead of retard in high school for special education kids or as an insult to other people.
What are you?! fuckin sped, stupid ass little bitch
by I_ask_before_I_destroy_pussy December 5, 2017
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