2 definitions by the almighty peppa pig

A cross between spicy and fart.
The awkward moment when you let one slip, but it burns you internally - due to an intense spicy sensation
Lisa *aggressively sprays cold water into her batty to numb the pain*
Lisa: I just sparted :/
by the almighty peppa pig February 29, 2020
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i swear down!
“Say pumpkin” is another phrase replacement for “Swear down?” or “mums?” You cannot lie whilst saying pumpkin, as it was sworn into the universe to get very bad luck if done so.

Fred: I won the lottery today!
Rosie: Say pumpkin!
Fred: Pumpkin. Pack your stuff we’re going to Hawaii!

A phrase created by @sariria_ and @kynangobola on Instagram.
by the almighty peppa pig July 18, 2019
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