1. A man or woman, of greek dissent, who is an impressive perspicacious leader within a given community.

2. A golden greek god.

The word originated from the common name assigned to greek immigrants with a surname too complicated or inconsistant for immigration inspectors at Ellis Island, NY. Because most immigrants, by coincidence or the will of God, assigned with this name became quite successful or, in the least, badass people the word developed into the context in which is it used today.
"I told my grandpa I broke up with my girlfriend. He replied, you need to play the field more anyway. He's such a Spanos."

"So the guy behind me in court for my DUI hearing got a DUI on a lawnmower at 1am... he is no Spanos."

"I asked that Spanos if he wanted to go to my place. He said I could go but he was going to go ahead and stay."
by Carlo Monteque July 27, 2009
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High-waisted jeans / shorts that women wear to impress other women, or to deter men from being aroused.

A horrible women's fashion trend rekindled in 2012, which was last relevant in the late 1980's & very early 1990's.
Is that girl's ass on her neck, or is she just wearing Spanos?

Those Spanos make that woman's butt look flat.

Those hot pink Spanos make that pretty woman look like she lives in a halfway house.
by JRMong June 4, 2013
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The poop stuck to your erection after having anal sex.
I had to wipe the spanos off my boner when I pulled out.
by Merkinfeltch January 16, 2017
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Not attending an event with your friends because you have to hang out with your girlfriend or a girl instead.
Why weren’t you at the party last night spano?
by Tmills11111 May 31, 2021
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A tapeworm that burrows itself into a turd, inherits a football team and runs it into the ground.
I hope my dog never gets a spanos.
by Athinaki August 11, 2021
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A woman who has a phobia of dating men shorter than her.
Josh: Did you get her number?
Chester: Nah man, I am only 5'8", she's got Jessie Spano syndrome.
by Evilevad December 25, 2014
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