1. A memorable collection of mental images that one wishes to retain for master debational purposes.
2. Porn collection
1."yo, 2 o'clock, see that thong?" "yeah, that's going in the spank bank"
by rich, happy, soul-less, robot January 27, 2004
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A mental collection of visual images one stores in ones mind to remember later for purposes of 'self pleasure' see: masturbation. Entered into the spank bank are an array of images of people (usually ones you want to bone) in either suggestive or totally non-sexual situations generally seen in real life.

Ie; a girl in a mini skit, a low cut top and/or heels/A girl waiting at a traffic light eating a lollipop. A girl bending over to pick up a coin. A girl at a club making out with another chick.

A guy doing push-ups at the gym. Guys at the office etc...
Nate: Damn! did you see that bitch eat that banana?

Matt: Hell yeah...she deep throated that shit!*...that's going in my spank bank.

Amber: ewe...you guys are sick!
by urbanr0cker May 11, 2008
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A sperm bank, a place for males to get 'free' money in exchange for sperm, thus spank and bank as in a financial institution
I need to go to the spank bank, I'm dead broke
by Anonyasfad April 7, 2008
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Images, clips, people, memories, ect..stored in your brain that you pull up into your minds eye when you masturbate..
I have Captain Jack Sparrow and King Leonidas in my Spank Bank.
by SpecklemyFreckle December 26, 2016
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Memories of women OR men kept for use in masturbatory fantasies.
Did you see his chest in that shirt? I'll store that one in my spank bank
by Quizzle November 18, 2003
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Noun. A zoo of images one creates in his or her mind in order to be withdrawn at a later date to be used as assisistance while pounding one out. The bank is only temporary storage and is inferior in many ways to the cellular phone camera.

See mental picture.
Damn I hope the spank bank is open on sundays because I'm makin' a deposit!
by kjcw September 25, 2006
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visual memory card used for purposes of later self pleasure; remembering a certain girl for later
"yeah, i put her in my spank bank"
lets go to the pool, i need some new spank bank material
by kraut September 18, 2003
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