From the movie 300 and real life King Leonidas king of the greek state Sparta, also the most badass motherfucker in existance
King Leonidas:you bring the crowns and heads of conqured kings to MY city steps, you insult MY queen, threaten MY people with slavery and death oh ive chosen my words very carefully persian, perhaps you should have done the same. *holding messenger at sword point in front of the "pit of death"*


Leonidas *looks at queen* *looks back* madness,?....... THIS IS SPARTAAAAAAAA *KICKS MESENGER INTO PIT OF DEATH*
by Cipher158 June 20, 2009
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When you are standing up fucking your girl from behind and when you are about to blow you stick your foot on her ass and kick her off. Yelling out THIS IS SPARTA as your man fountain goes off and she flies into wall/DVD stand etc.
She told me to pull out so I gave her the king leonidas . As she picked herself off the floor I asked what's for dinner?
by The D since 83 November 20, 2015
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–verb (sex act) the King Leo-Ni-dUs;
A sex act performed by a male receiving oral sex from a female on the top bunk of a dual level bunk bed. The act is initiated with a quick, but not hard, strike to the back of the females head. This will cause the female to rise up and question the males motive for the contact. It is at this point that the male delivers a quick and swift kick to the females chest knocking her from the top bunk and proclaims, "THIS IS SPARTA!!!!!".
"No, Jenny didn't get jumped, Johnny just gave her the ol' King Leonidas last night."

"Michelle never again talked of her desire to get nailed a Persian after her boyfriend gave her a King Leonidas."

"Its good to be King."
by Dilios, One Eyed Spartan November 20, 2008
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