One of the most popular races in the table top game, Warhammer 40k. Space marines are basically super soldiers with power armor. The reason for their popularity is
1. Their tactics are fairly straight forward.
2. They are easy to paint.
3. Easy on the wallet since you don't need many of them to have an effective army.
4. They are hella tough.
Damn, he just raped my orc army with his space marines because my orcs have a fucking stupid 6+ save and are raped by bolters.
by :O May 23, 2004
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One of the strongest races in a video game called Warhammer 40k:Dawn of war. Remember when you are playing as them you wouldn't need 60 men to destroy a base like you would
with the Eldar (space elves). Only about 20-30 to take out a base. At first they may seem confusing but after you master the Eldar they seem SUPER easy. When I first started playing Dawn of War I thought that i could
only play as the Eldar and despised the Imperial Guard. But one day I decided "I'm
gonna choose space marines for the hell of
it" then i brutally destroyed 5 out of 6 of the opponents. Then my friend took out the last one with his Eldar.
Billy:I'm going to choose Space Marines!

Mitchell: Space Marines blow!

1 month later

Mitchell: Holy **** i destroyed them!

Billy: See all you had to do was practice.
by Gummyburst October 03, 2008
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Faction in Warhammer 40K. Imperium of Man's best soldiers. An outcome of lots of genetic engineering, rigorious training and awsomly looking armour. have guns that shoot "bolts" - somethinh between a bullet and a rocket. Has access to lots of powrefull weapons and venchiles. main drawback - old gear, because in W40K humans are affraid of new technologies. although pretty awesome, powerfull adn fearless they rarely win in real life because of stupid people playing with them
every space marine died from the attack or dark eldar. SM player was a moron.
by Jc June 17, 2006
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the space marine could be compared to the cowboys of the old west, or pirates of the high seas. they are tough, smart, and always have the biggest guns or are just insanely strong. the idea of the space marine has been around for a while, but only in recent years have they been popular in books, movies, and videogames. you might not realise it, but you can look in almost any sci fi movie and find a space marine. pretty soon you wont be able to find any children playing "cowboys and injuns" but youll find many playing "spartans and covenants" the only difference is that theyre playing it online via xbox live.
master chief, the doom(1,2,and 3)guy, all those dead guys from metroid prime 2: echoes, everyone in the movie aliens,and the humans in aliens vs. predator and prettymuch anyone else with a big gun and a uniform in a science fiction movie/book/videogame.
by alex r April 13, 2005
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Technically, the troopers in "Starship Troopers" were known as 'The Mobile Infantry,' storm troopers, shock troops, marines, and army special forces all rolled into one.

The military personal featured in "Aliens" and "Space: Above and Beyond" were 'space marines.'

'Space Marines' were also featured in the Japanimation show "Space Battleship Yamato/Star Blazers." In the original Japanese show they were called 'The Space Calvary."

In the James Bond movie "Moonraker," Drax's space station is attacked by U.S. Astronaut Marines--different beast entirely.
"The Space Marines will make their stand here on Broomus! Victory or death!"
by Carl J. Maltese April 10, 2007
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Originating from the Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine race/faction, the term has became popular for any heavily armoured and armed soldier in a futuristic (near or far) setting.

The Term is normally used for the elite as described before, but can be used to describe any trooper in power armour, for example the Starcraft marines are often nicknamed (or accused of being) Space Marines and they're not elite at all (mainly being physchologically adjusted inmates). Similar story can be said of C&C3 Zone Troopers, Mobile Infantry in Starship Troopers etc, although the term is very rarely used for Fallout Brotherhood of Steel paladins as they have nothing to do with space (but their attitude and appearance almost mirrors the Space Marines word for word)

The Terms is often only used for humans.
RTS Player: Hmm the noob seem to be rushing my base with cheap stuff... time to drop-pod some space marines then...
by Abokasee-Again December 16, 2009
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