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A group of badassess who like to shoot people with lazers and build giant robots. They wear power armor, an armor so powerful you have to be trained to use it. Also see Fallout.
That Brotherhood of Steel Paladin totally kicked my ass for no reason. He said I deserved it.
by bosPALADIN December 09, 2008
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a long standing faction in the fallout games who protect and preserve pre war technology in order for it to be properly studied. there are many chapters of this group who all get their orders and information from the highest ranking members of their group who are called the circle of steel. each chapter has 4 orders who have separate rolls. there are the knights, paladins, scribes and sentinels. it works like this squires become initiates, initiates become knights or scribes, knights can become paladins, and paladins can become sentinels. only sentinels can become elders who are the ones who govern the chapter. the brotherhood prefer using laser weapons and power armor as opposed to guns, plasma weapons and light armors. except for the armored body glove they were under their power armor as well as field scribe outfits and scribe/elder robes and jackets. i hope this was informative. fight well brothers and sisters ad victorium.
here comes the brotherhood of steel to save us yay.
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by b.o.s bro April 05, 2017
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The Brotherhood of Steel is described as "a quasi-religious technological organization" by the Fallout Wiki. Their main goal is to preserve the technology of the Old World and utilize it to better mankind. There are many different types of Brotherhood of Steel. There's the East Coast Brotherhood of Steel. These guys are cool. They help friendly wastelanders and are generally upstanding people. There's the West Coast Brotherhood of Steel, and those guys are dicks. They completely ignore practical tech such as agriculture and medicine, and focus completely on military tech so they can shoot cooler lasers. They don't even socialize with wastelanders, and stuff themselves in a hidden bunker like the beta male introverts they are. Overall, the West Coast Brotherhood of Steel is completely useless and a betrayal of the Brotherhood of Steel's mission.
Mr. House (cool dude) when telling the Courier about the Brotherhood of Steel (West Coast): "They're a terrorist group, basically. Militant, Quasi-religious fanatics obsessed with hoarding Pre-War technology. Not all technology, mind you. You don't see them raiding hospitals to cart away Auto-Docs or armfuls of prosthetic organs. No, they greatly prefer the sort of technology that puts people in hospitals. Or graves, rather, since hospitals went the way of the Dodo."
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by JConlisk November 17, 2017
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