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A rallying cry used by Confederacy enthusiasts who believe the southern United States is superior. Often, those who use this phrase believe the American Civil War was "about States' rights, not slavery". In fact, the Constitution of the Confederacy was nearly word-for-word identical to the US Constitution, but actually *restricted* States' rights by requiring every State to be a slave State.

Furthermore, there was no "Southern identity" in the United States until abolition became a major political issue, and rebel states saw slavery as more a matter of property rights, not State's rights. The States' rights issue was invented by modern Southern apologists; no real historian takes it seriously.

In short, this is a slogan for southerners who believe they should "take pride in their heritage" even though their heritage includes a legacy of horrifying behavior.
My buddy Jeb told me it's not racist to say "the south will rise again", but I know better.
by Visualone December 09, 2009
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A term used by hardcore southerners in reference to former power the south had in the mid 1800's. Thought to be racist or redneck by most of the non southern persuasion it is actually a term that has come true in some sense seeing that The south is, in our day in age, a cultural, industrial and economic power. Cities including Atlanta, Charlotte, Nashville, Knoxville, Memphis, Charlston (one of the busiest ports in the country), Jacksonville, Mobile, and Montgomery are all cities of industrial and cultural importance. This Phrase is often represented in unison with the confederate battle flag and associated by the ignorant people of non southern descent (aka northeastern folk) as being a symbol of racism and biggotry, a common misconception as the civil war was not about slavery, but states rights; thus making the confederate flag a symbol of states rights and their sense of independant identity.
by Skibbles May 07, 2006
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The term chanted by most hard core southern rednecks to show there pride in where they live
rednecks often have flashbacks from there forefathers who fought in the original war they then have a small seizure and chant "The south will rise again!" often in ball rooms the wall mart or even the gas station where they hang out
scientists believe this is a genetic condition called "fades past"
the injurys of this genetic condition have been severe sence the 1970s when pride rained over.
rednecks began lighting there selves on fire
however a scientist found that beer reduces side effects of the condition. but unleashed more side effects

increased pride.
increased Firework accidents
increased truck explosions

however has tempered down the chanting side effect.
Bill: hey dude you wana go to the wallmart?

hank:The South Will Rise Again!!!!!

Bill:do what?

hank:sorry dude i have this genetic condition called "fades past"

Bill:alrighty then ill pick up a 32 pack

hank:cool dude ill pick up a box of 12 gauge ammunition we can burn off while drinking!

Bill:were the smartest people in the world arent we hank?

hank:Damn straight. now get me those fireworks! i have a idea!
by suffery June 10, 2009
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slogan touted by dumbass rednecks who name their car 'general lee' and for some god damn reason can wear shoes or a shirt but never both at the same time.

I love the south but anyone who thinks there's going to be a second confederacy is simply a moron and thats that.
Hank: "we're poor drunk and stupid, ain't we?"
Beufort: "that's ok. the south will rise again."
by felix i September 21, 2006
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The South Will Rise Again is a phrase referring to a possible re-uprising of the South. Not all support of the Confederate States of America is racially motivated, some of it's about Independence, structure of a Confederate government and just southern pride and heiritage.
Anti-Yankee dude: Alas, the south will rise again!

Fellow Anti-Yankee dude: Damn right! I killed a chance of Yankees! I'd like to kill some more! 300,000 Yankees a sniffin' Southern dust!
by Darth Kieduss the Wise January 02, 2010
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