A state of being stoned of being stoned south of the Mason-Dixon Line
Upon returning from Atlanta ,minus two ounces of weed that we left with ,you can say were southern fried.
by Dadgad September 21, 2014
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A blanket description for an American southern accent. People who use this term do not like southern accents because they think it sounds uneducated or not very beautiful to the ear.
southern fried accent:

chiaald, don chou know better than ta touch yo mama caught by the po-lece?
by Crystalized June 06, 2010
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This is more colourful name for sore/damaged testicles!
James - Why you holding your nuts?

John - Ive got Southern Fried Conkers!

James - Oooh what happened?

John - Sarah found out about me cheating and kicked me in them.
by JuiceBox23 May 14, 2009
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close close cousin of sludge, etc. with a penchant for working class lyrics, down home riffs, and much much resin to slow the rock.
by Dnite April 14, 2003
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It's when a guy powders his nuts in flour and then dips them hot grease before feeding them to his partner
Yo, I heard that last night Gary gave his girl some Southern Fried Cotton.
by S0ulzer0 October 07, 2016
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