It's like America, but South.
When I get big; I'm going, where he's going: South America.
by laterinjune June 4, 2013
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The place where the people are BEAUTIFUL, PROUD, and WARM, where the sites are BREATH-TAKING, where culture LIVES, and there is always a PARTY near by!
Including these countries: Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Brasil, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Guayana, Surinam, Guyana
by AJ March 9, 2004
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includes many countries that could cut u up if u talk shit about em.below central amrica. and yea u shall all remember that america is the continent not usa.
inludes countries such as:venezuela, colombia,peru,chile,argentina,BRAZIL,ecuador, paraguay,uruguay......and some more i think.
by outlast October 29, 2003
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bunch of awsome countries!! (colombia, venezuela, brazil, ecuador, peru, bolivia, chile, argentina, uruguay, paraguay...) coolest place in the world, south americans are NOT mexicans, we are smarter, look better and DONT eat burritos.
south american girls rock
ppl keep on thinking that south americans are mexicans
by ddaa October 16, 2005
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A continent with beautiful women, a wonderful culture and both amazing natural and man made sights. Nevertheless what most people forget is that the travel shows on TV from which you have seen never show the slums of millions of extremely poor people living just outside the cities.

Do not think South America is a safe place for you and your buddies to get laid by some sexy Latinos, it is stricken with crime and poverty.

Maybe you could do something about it.
Tourist: 'Hey man! you wanna go walk around the slums and pick up some girls?'

Local: 'No, it can be very dangerous for tourists there. Even in the better off places, watch your pockets. South America's poverty isn't shown in the lime light very often'
by Herojuana December 25, 2007
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Having Intercourse with your partner while lubed up with 2 quarts of KY Jelly on yourselves and a half gallon of KY Jelly on a wood or tiled floor. With a wild Boar or Donkey at the other end as you throw Hot Red Peppers at it and try to finish before the animal gets to you.....Good Luck.
by MG the Truth Teller November 12, 2009
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South America Memes are a community who's creates memes.
South America Memes is bravo!
by .jooj. February 12, 2019
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