A great country with nice and very hospitable people.
His capital is the beautiful Asuncion, and is the only one country in Latin America that achieve to keep his native language as an official language with spanish: the GUARANI, a sweet and very expressive language.

The major people are "mestizos", and has white people too.

Has the most beautiful woman in southamerica (probably at the same level with venezuela and argentina), described in a paraguayan song like "mezcla de diosa y pantera" (half goddess, half panther) because they're awesome lovers too...

Great culture, great music (guarania), beautiful nature, and has the biggest hydroelectrical plant in the whole world (Itaipu).
Also has a great soccer team.
The politicians put the country in a serious ecomical crisis, and now the people try everyday to get in a better situation.
i love paraguay!!

Una noche tibia nos conocimos
Junto al agua azul de Ypacaraí
Tú cantabas triste por el camino
Viejas melodías en guaraní.

Y con el embrujo de tus canciones
Iba renaciendo tu amor en mí
Y en la noche hermosa de plenilunio
De tus blancas manos sentí el calor
Que con tus caricias me dio el amor.

Donde estás ahora cuñataí
Que tu suave canto no llega a mí
Donde estás ahora mi ser te añora
Con frenesí.

Todo te recuerda mi dulce amor
Junto al lago azul de Ypacaraí
Vuelve para siempre mi amor te espera
by (O_o) May 9, 2006
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** **
A: Hey man, do you know Paraguay?
B: Yeah, it's literally nothing ** **
by Azzery October 23, 2020
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Where i buy illegal stuff and bring to brazil
Hey man, I just bought all these Ipods and 3D Cards for just few dollars, paraguay rox!
by Death_Note March 22, 2007
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kind people until you get to know them pretty well..
careful! they might try get even with you if you make them uncomfortable.
by Kryss Choi September 20, 2003
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people who play soccer all day in there little villages and straw huts and come to america and become tight ass people lol
that jimmy kid is from paraguay...hes so cool!
by Adam Webber July 16, 2004
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Multiple occurrences or instances of guayness.
1. You're not just gay, you're paraguay.
2. Was going to the ballet gay? -- it was paraguay.
by ombudzman January 7, 2009
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Country slightly smaller than California northeast of Argentina with about 5,734,000 people.

Worship the Great Crab.
That brown kid Adam is from Paraguay. I here he is a prince or something...
by Tuesday Valentine June 18, 2005
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