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The south side of Buffalo consisting of all drunk Irish white people. The best times in South Buffalo are Irish Feis (NOT FEST, GET IT RIGHT), Caz Carnival (better known as Scum Fest), St. Patrick's Day, and any other day that gives everyone the excuse to get drunk as hell. Teens from South Buffalo are preppy white kids who drink all the time and smoke mad amounts of weed. You know everything about everyone in sb. All boys from Timon are tools and girls from Mercy are sluts. Everyone plays football or soccer. And everyone goes to either South Park, Hutch Tech or DaVinci. South Buffalo is by far the best part of Buffalo, and anyone who says otherwise just wishes they lived here too.
Person from North Buffalo: " i hate south buffalo"
Person from South Buffalo: "you clearly havent been there and lived the life of a true irish man."
by dicksuckaaaaaa September 29, 2012
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