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A school in Buffalo NY where all the fun shit happens. Despite the beliefs of the City Honors kids,they are the best and most spireted in Buffalo. They have the preps,jocks,nerd,and all that but the majority of the school is just chill. Unlike City honors,the school is not full of pot head who think they are better then everyone else, and the sports teams kick ass. Especially the cross-country team, gotta love um'. The teachers are great other then Stanek, Peterson, Stoler, and The Mersa. The best are Davis, Mac, Kunz, Shiro, Falcone,ect.
City Honors kid: "Hey you got some pot?"

Hutch Tech kid: " Naw man."
City Honors kid: " Well, your school sucks."

Hutch Tech kid: " Dumb ass."
by macattack1234567 October 18, 2009
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