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Location north of Buffalo that ranges from North St. to Hertel Ave. Largely centered around Delware Park and Delware Ave. Area in the city with the largest population of white people. The famous Pan American Expedition was focused in this area at the turn of the 20th century. Wealthy inhabitants of that time and ever since have lived in North Buffalo in upper class residential housing. Culture from past golden age of the City of Buffalo is shown here from the mansions, Forest Lawn Cementary and Delaware Park. This is the "nice" area of Buffalo where kids are sent to Catholic or private schools throughout their education due to the poor public education in the city of Buffalo(minus City Honors,etc.). Kids are more subject to drugs and the drinking alcohol at a young age due to the close location to the "city". Kids from the nearby suburbs flock to North Buffalo kids' homes for parties in high school. Kids experience a better social life with the subway nearby which leads to bars downtown.
You say that kid has been drinking since he was 12? That makes since now, he's from North Buffalo.

Who's that cool guy who blows coke from North Buffalo?
by spooninspoonout March 31, 2010
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