It is an ajective that describes someone who notices little details in every day life.
Wendy was found to be an observatory person when she saw the huge plane coming to kill her.
by freeda mellondrop December 23, 2008
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Verb: To go observatorying

Defined as "the hobby or act of going to observatories on monday nights with intentions of observing the stars, after indulging in a quarter of a chocolate chip cookie from starbucks, and before doing any homework. Most often done on College campuses
Brittany couldn't must an inkling of motivation to do her homework, so she decided to go observatorying around campus with her bff Don Rafael
by USCCampusMinds September 30, 2008
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An electric, funkie, prog band from Austin, Texas. They'll make you dance your pants off!
Ghostland Observatory sounds like a robot having sex with a tree!
by C-Garrr February 10, 2009
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Titty bar, Strip Club, Adult Cabaret. Anyplace where women's breasts can be seen.
Steve--"Let's go check out the new Mammory Observatory Chuck."

Chuck--"I would rather check out guys."

Steve--"We're no longer friends Chuck."
by oafanosu September 6, 2007
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The hub world from Mario Galaxy 1.
It’s both a comet and a observatory.
Jay: I just unlocked the kitchen on the comet Observatory!

Jeff: well I’m already on the bedroom.
by JeffyUHHHHHHHHH April 18, 2021
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When one person fucks another person with a telescope and then makes them look through the lens.
He gave her a Griffith Observatory, followed by an Alabama Hot Pocket.
by rotting orange September 28, 2010
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Hong Kong Observatory is a part of Environment and Ecology Bureau(EEB),it is so useless that even the whole Hong Kong is flooded,we still need to go school or work.It is famous for the Li's field.The chance of typhoon no.8-10 during school day is 0%.
A:I hope there will be a typhoon tomorrow
B:Go dream la,even there is, the Hong Kong Observatory wont let us have rest.
by MTR GUY September 29, 2023
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