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1.Piker, someone who doesn't want to party hard or party at all, one with no guts or balls.
Dude, it's only 3.00 am and you want to leave?, what a softcock!.
by jamesbrown April 23, 2003
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A person, usually a man, who lacks strength of character, or who is an easy touch for a sob story, or who cannot be relied on to take decisive action. Usually a sycophant.
The boss asked us to work on Saturday, and my supervisor didn't stand up to him and argue. What a soft cock.
by Beechmere May 23, 2006
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One who is constantly subdued by his partner/wife/fiance to the point where he has no identity of his own, rather just a puppet that she speaks through.
"Geez.. his at home cuddling up to her again"
"Yeah, Sam's such a softcock"
by Dan Wilder March 19, 2008
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man who cant get a hard on, therefore is a useless cunt, useless cunt therefore being a softcock, softcock can descibe someone who cant or wont do something whatever that might be
my mate could,nt change the tyre on his car, fucking softcock
by dirtbox July 24, 2006
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A frigid, sexually inhibited person, pitifully flaccid in ambition and determination.
'Debra was virtually begging him for it.'
'Let me guess, the softcock bailed?'
by the behemoth March 25, 2013
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A person who decides to stay at home, rather than heading out with their friends. This person usually uses the excuse "that they have had a busy day", "they are tied" or "I had a big one last night"...
Mitch had a busy day at work and decided he would stay at home and "soft cock" it for the night...
by Party Hard February 12, 2007
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