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A term to describe someone who is completely useless.

Derived from the terms "useless - anything that has little or no use" and "cunt - usually a derogatory term for a woman".

Used together the term is not gender specific, applies both to the male or female sex. Generally not applied as a anatomical term.
He really is a useless cunt, he's fucked up the data again!
by OrlandoDoubleV October 6, 2007
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A term to describe a group of individuals who are thoroughly without use, bring nothing to the table and are inept at actually doing anything worthwhile.
Tried to get the boys to hit the Galway Races, but you fucking know the outcome there....useless cunts!!
by Tullatoon July 21, 2011
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Studio engineer: You're going to need new strings before we start recording
Bassist: But they're too expensive.
Studio engineer: What did you spend your money on? Weed? A new tattoo? You really are a useless cunt!
by Romo2Witten1983 June 4, 2021
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A Prime minister that goes on vacation during a hostile communist takeover of a nation.
The Prime Minister of Australia is a useless cunt letting the premiers turn the states into their own dictatorship countries over the common cold and money.
by Filter78 December 12, 2021
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