Very mild adjective, roughly the same obscenity level as "darned" or "bloody". For some obscure reason, Americans (who use the word "sodding" to mean putting turf (or sod) down in your garden) have got the impression that it is of about the same obscenity level as "f***ing" whereas it is not uncommon to hear your elderly aunt, who wouldn't dream of saying "shit", use it.
Blimey, it's sodding cold today - or - has anyone seen my sodding keys?
by johnmnz August 12, 2017
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Same as bugger it, as in fuck it but in it's arse.
Strangely, considered more polite.
Derived from sodomy.
We could put the shelf up, but sod it, let's go down the pub.
by Rupert and Henry September 21, 2009
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A british slang word, meaning 'damned' or 'fucking.'
Teacher: OK class, get out your homework!
Student 1: What homework?
Student 2: You know, the maths worksheet.
Student 1: Oh yeah. the sodding maths worksheet.
by ~*skinnybitchLEIKOMG*~ April 26, 2007
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f*uck it, in other words, "forget it, I've had enough"
Sod it, I'm not putting up with you any longer, I'm off
by palindromeda July 22, 2005
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1. A piece of dirt and grass, usually found stuck to the bottom of shoes after running (Or walking) On a muddy field.

2. Short for "Sodomy", meaning anal sex, which comes from the Sodomites of Sodom. This term, usually used in a derogatory manner, can be used to say fuck off, as in "Sod off" or it can be used as an adjective "That sodding bastard"

3. An idiot, a fool. Someone you dislike.
Man, all this sod was stuck on the bottom of my shoe, and even worse, it dried out and now it's hard as a rock!

Look at that sodding bastard over there, scoping out girls he doesn't even have a chance with when they're drunk!

Fucking sod spilt my drink, and i wasn't having any of that!
by Zumwalmi October 4, 2006
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British slang. A lighter form of f**k it. Comes from, but no longer associated with the word, sodomy.
"Sod it! I've had enough of this."

'Sod' also used in: "you lucky sod" (you lucky person), "it was a sod of job" (difficult).
by Madalien March 2, 2018
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