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Same as bugger it, as in fuck it but in it's arse.
Strangely, considered more polite.
Derived from sodomy.
We could put the shelf up, but sod it, let's go down the pub.
by Rupert and Henry September 21, 2009

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A mixture between Dogging and Cottaging, whereby participants flick the lights on and off in a public toilet before embarking on a sexual adventure for the viewing pleasure of an assembled audience.
During a particularly bad case of the horn, Rupert and Henry decided to go down to the heath for some kennelling.
by Rupert and Henry September 05, 2008

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One of the collection of entangled pieces of shit, paper and pubes that often occur following a particularly sticky dump.
The human equivalent to a dag. Can be used to insult.
Rupert arose from giving Henry a damn fine arse licking, but Henry refused to thank him until he removed the clagnuts that were stuck in his teeth.
by Rupert and Henry September 09, 2011

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