Taking a picture of your socks in a similar fashion of a selfie.
Before I left for school I had to post a quick sockie to Instagram.
by Zack Gilleland May 6, 2016
A sockie is two bestfriends that has up to 95% of everything in common,
1. your favorite color must be green
2. you must be called a poser at least twice in your life
3. and you must be random
Brea and I are always bein called "posers"
We always having random convos on the phone about the samething

by ciera banks August 23, 2008
Drinking a drink out of a sock , similar to a shoey
Me and Danny are about to do a VB socky
by hypemonkey October 10, 2016
a person who wears stripy knee length socks and is a bit wierd! :P
Katie: hey jen
Jen:hey katie
katie: i see you are wearing knee length socks...
jen:indeed i am katie!
katie: you must be socky!
by Jen & Katie December 28, 2004
when someone thinks there hard, but in reality there shits weak.
some guy tried to step to me but he was very socky.
by maddhatter and tragedy February 27, 2011
When the garment in question is used as a love glove when mating ones hand or if it is used over a period of time to clean up the after effects of masturbation. These items are usually found under a bed or behind a TV in the bedroom.
"after bashing one out i couldnt find my socky so i had to give the carpet that extra shine"

"pull down your trouser legs man...probes coming"
by Deanoth2 May 1, 2006
a cute idiot who's been in a mental hospital 5 times <3
by ×1e April 6, 2021