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an expression used to say some is lame, wack, and or useless in everyday life.
eff you hoe, yo shits weak.
by monkeydude1 October 23, 2007
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How to described something that is more lame than lame can describe.
Aw, man, you slept with that ugly bitch? Shit's weak.
by Mack 10 December 21, 2006
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When somebody does something that is just so unbelievably terrible that you can't even believe it.
Raiders just lost to the 49ers 89-6.
Shit's weak!

Gordon's girlfriend was crying cause we wouldn't give the bear back.
Shit's weak!
by Holden_Kills June 24, 2007
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A taunt, combination of "shit is weak," made for hollerin at some asshole(s) pullin some weak ass bullshit; also for use during sporting events to diss the other team; can be used also when one has just been defeated, to further demean them and their weak ass beer chugging/video game playing/attempt at profundity.
1. Damn, UF just lost to FSU again, fuck yeah!...shitsweak!

2. Gary: "My poem begins, 'a flock of seagulls cawed with the setting sun'..."
Allison: "Shitsweak, shitsweak! Shit is WEAK!"
by Jennifer West November 06, 2007
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Originally taken from the movie Grandma's Boy. To define someone's act, work, game, comeback or current doing to be weak.
<In the proccess of an argument>

Rob: "...Not as bad as your face" <- (Bad comeback)
Stu: "Shit's weak!"

<In gaming>

(Rob gets sniped)
Stu: "AAAAAwwH! Shit's weak, man"
by GreenMushroom16 April 02, 2008
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Meaning "shit is weak", this phrase is appropriate when a person, object, or event is weak, not as cool as originally thought, or otherwise lacking.
Examples of when it is appropriate to use this phrase:

Your friend posts a video of a rice rocket on Facebook, exclaiming how cool it is, but it isn't. You comment "Shit's weak."

You buy some espresso from Starbucks, only to find that it isn't as delicious as everyone says. You mumble, "Shit's weak."

You go to a party only to find that most of the attendees are not of the opposite sex (or not of the same sex, whatever floats your boat). "Shit's weak."
by ‽‽‽ December 05, 2010
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It means your shit is weak to the person you saying it to.

Say with a high pitched voice.
If someones shit is weak then you say sHiTs WeAk in a high pitced voice
by Karl Mahlandt August 11, 2007
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