a sheath of latex worn by a man during sex, a condom
That love glove in the dumpster gave away the fact that it was a cat house.
by The Return of Light joker January 8, 2010
1) An inside out used condom, worn on the hand and used by a creepy stalker chick to impregnate herself with your semen.

2) When you wear a prostitute like a mitten.
Definition 1:
Dude 1: Dude i heard Stacy is having your baby.

Dude 2: Yeah, that bitch took a used condom from my dumpster and love gloved herself with my sperm yo.

Definition 2:
Dude 1) Did you love glove that hooker man?

Dude 2) Yeah bro, yeah man, i stuck my hand in there and wore her like a mitten.
by Grandmaster K April 15, 2009
a condom

see condom

love glove is a term meaning condom used when in a situation where you want to cut chances of tension by using a sillier version.
(At Work) Hey, Chad, I don't think your wife can take another birth. Next time, use a love glove!

(At School) Is Mr. Davis leaving because he didn't use a love glove?

(To One night stander) Like I am going to believe you are born ammune to diseases!! Get a love glove!

(before making love) I'm on the pill but use a love glove anyway.
IE: i was bout to get some, but i didn't have any love gloves.
by anonfag October 30, 2007
(1)I live in the love glove.

(2)You ain't gettin gettin no action till you put the love glove on.
by Jamie =) July 30, 2008