A form of Racism inside the education system, Teaching young minds how to discrimate against all cultures.
"So i hear your a racist! "
Shouted Nigel
"No Nigel i'm not a racist! I'm a sociologist, There's (Barely) a difference"
Replied Elena
by TheScottishGuy September 7, 2019
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apparently, an individual of african descent
"What are you, a sociologist?"

"Sociologist?! That the new word for nigga nowadays??"
by Zaalzar August 26, 2009
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A teenager who likes to "study Society", who is involved in the social science of Sociology. Typically, they fight 'The Man' by 'observing' reactions of society (their small group of friends), sticking it to Capitalists, Corporate America, and conformists.

They conform to non conforming by wearing flannel shirts, read philosophy, call themselves Agnostics to rebel (most are religious but reject religion to act Sociologist-like to society), act sophisticated, and pretend to smoke marijuana.
Derek: This whole Julian Assange issue is great, I like to study the reactions of society of this event

John: Sure, so being internet cool and hacking is how to be a sociologist? Putting important files online is good?

Derek: You see, you're a conformist and just wouldn't understand. I don't conform to society, because I don't like society. I study it and laugh at it

John: Right, so instead of 'conforming' you conform to other non conformists looking for "the truth"?

Derek: Capitalism has created this evil society, there shouldn't be Capitalism. Marx was right, I read Marx so you just don't get it.

John: Right... So Sociology interests you? Major in it

Derek: I will, but Sociology isn't something you can have, who is a private company to give you knowledge of a study. To 'allow' you to have it, it belongs to all

John: Ok, so that's a yes?

Derek: For a conformist, yes

John: Well, I'm going to be successful in life... have fun

Derek: Society deems who is 'successful' and who isn't, which is wrong. There will be a war between the poor and the rich, because they all know about philosophy and how Capitalism is evil. There has never been a happy worker, anarcho syndicalism anarcho syndicalism anarcho syndicalism ABOLISH THE GOVERNMENT!111one!!!!! *foam*

John: teenage sociologist.... great
by Clynic98 December 8, 2010
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Jing Wei Dong fucked Clarissa on Tuesday. Dude, she said they totally had sociologist sex!
by Stanicvie January 25, 2006
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