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The inner glow that heterosexual men feel toward each other after a carton of beer. Touching is optional.
Example snudge " I luv ya mate" ( arm around shoulder and leaning on each other)
"Look at those two drunk bastards they are snudging each other"
by Todd bruce the snudger January 15, 2012
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The art of double inhaling using both the nose and mouth.
Fuck, ill have to go and snudge her office chair
by Satan Abdul Jabar March 25, 2003
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1) Small measure of distance you want someone to move. 2) The amount you want someone to move over to give you room in bed. 3) How far away something is from your character in a video game. 4) Small amount or portion.
1) Move a snudge closer. 2) Could you move over a snudge? 3) Its to the right, just a snudge. 4) Just a snudge more and it will be perfect.
by Dr.Chilla July 06, 2010
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The act of rubbing the erect penis against the side of another's nose.
I ended up giving her a snudge while licking his erection.
by DrGamez September 30, 2004
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A form of a cockblock.

*Nudging yourself between a dude and a chick with the sole intention of interrupting any progress being made.*

There is no such thing as accidental snudging. Doing the same thing without intending to interrupt is considered a fuck up and can be forgiven.

Actual snudging is considered illegal in 12/13 of the provinces and territories and may be punishable by rearrangement of the face (Manitoba being the exception as snudging is impossible when only 2 persons are involved).

to snudge is to physically/literally place your body in-between the 2 people. Not symbolically, metaphorically, or any other form of
Herp: Yo derp, saw you and herpette getting cuddly on the couch last night! how'd that go?
Derp: was going well until dickfuck sat between us and started hittin on her
Herp: What a dirty fucking snudger! lets kick his ass.

L: hey W, did you hook up S on the trip? cause whenever you were together, A totally snudged his way in there.

W: Yeah we did! A was just bein an idiot, which kinda helped me.
by W.aka.Derp November 21, 2011
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