a term that experienced skiers/snowboarders use to describe clueless, tourist-type skiers/snowboarders that take up the mountain, cramp their style, and are just generally annoying.
-"What the heck are those snowflakes doing on this double black diamond?!?!?"

-"If that snowflake crashes into me one more time, I'll give him a face full of snow!"

-"Dude! We've been stuck on the lift forever."
-"Yeah, they had to stop it 'cause those snowflakes don't even know how to get on."
by K-Fadz March 07, 2008
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An overly sensitive person, incapable of dealing with any opinions that differ from their own.
These people can often be seen lashing out on Twitter when anyone challenges their opinion.
Donald Trump is believes he is such a snowflake.
by DGtlRift January 18, 2017
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A nick name for a person who likes to copy art works of other people.
Person 1: This Jonathan is such a Snowflake
Person 2: Yes he is, he stole Austin's GFX!
by PokemonNo July 31, 2016
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A person who flakes so much they produce enough snowflakes to build a snowman.
Don't mind her, she's a snowflake.
by Htownninja April 22, 2015
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Sexual Term: When a female takes the cum from one man after fellatio and makes out with another man, yes, cum still in her mouth, with or without his consent.
Monique gave my boy the head and, without my knowlegde, kissed me, thus swapping his little swimmers with the saliva in my mouth. I back-handed the Snowflake 'in biotch. West Side or Die.
by Mikey Spacemin October 02, 2006
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A very unique person with white skin, who cannot be replaced and stands out just a a little too much with an affinity for ducks and other species of the avian variety.
Snowflake is a special one, he is ducking it today.
by Man of the Fort October 23, 2014
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