When Johnny told me that he was shaving snowflakes, I thought he was going crazy!
by Mike April 07, 2004
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refers to a white woman. cracker bitch redneck ho white girl
realist: yo dawg
lil cripto: wasup cuzz?
realist: u c dat snow flake right there?
lil cripto: yea dawg, she got a flat booty tho'
realist: yea but snow flake's got small pu$$ys man
lil cripto: yea u right cuzz. go hit it
realist: yea man i'm gone. 1
by lil cripto July 29, 2007
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1)the only white person in a crowd of people.
2)a white person also known as a "cracker" or a "honkey".
hey snowflake get you cracker ass out the damn crowd you damn honkey.
by gary lutes October 20, 2005
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In on line comment pages, snowflake has also been used as a racial slur towards white people by some black people.
"You racist snowflakes don't know what you think you know."
by Sally Fairfax January 01, 2017
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An overly sensitive whiny person who makes a scene when she doesn't get his/her way and blames everyone but his/herself.
Jennifer Boyle didn't want to pay $1 for a plastic bag so she got in a tantrum for an hour about how she voted Trump and that the black cashier was discriminating against her. What a snowflake!
by scarysnufkin January 19, 2017
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A hot blonde, blue eyed , white girl
Looks like a hoe but isn't
Or used like a Nickname
That girl, Snowflake, is a dick tease
by none November 05, 2003
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nancy " drift - this personal computer " wallpaper " that you call "SNOWFLAKE" totally sucks - no fuckin' yayas anywhere "
drift " save it for next year "
by bluescreenbastard November 23, 2005
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