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Term used amongst the youth of Memphis, Tennessee.Its basically a name you call a person who doesn’t fit in or does the most to impress people.
Mane dude one brewster ahh nigga
by Nigga_from_Memphis June 04, 2019
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An alternative name for a brew (a drink of tea or coffee)
Often preceded by several rhyming nonsense words
Brewster anyone?

Get the pot on. I'm ready for a diskster dockster dewster brewster
by noddy330 June 23, 2009
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A small hamlet in Putnam County, New York. Population is about 2,000 residents (Census 2000), but is probably even larger now. The local school district and most of the Town of Southeast takes the Brewster name. The residents of Brewster are Westchester County refugees, and teens are obsessed over this non-existant clique.

Eventually, even Brewster residents will be overtaxed out of their homes and will have to move to Dutchess County to make ends meet.
Alright, who's going to Carmel for a beer run (thanks to "yeah, i live here" for idea.)

Brewster is filthy rich
by Alexander "Sasha" Ivanoff April 30, 2007
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used in reference to a naked thespian or dancer who parades his nudity in public
Fuckin hell lads, check out that crazy brewster!!
by Sam Colling December 08, 2008
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Millions. A lot of money.
The term brewsters originates from the film "Brewster's Millions". Most commonly used in inner city London.
I don't get it. Beckham makes brewsters, even though he's a kak player
by Buckshot October 01, 2004
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Brewster, a town in New York.
land of the mexicans.
mexican city.
Want a homeless mexican man doing all the work you're too lazy to do? COME ON DOWN TO FIESTA LA MEXICANVILLE, Brewster, New York! We have a wide selection of homeless mexicans, here illegally, and ready to do any work for 2$ an hour!
by kurlzz April 02, 2010
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