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Jeron is a really rare name. People called Jeron are loyal and trustworthy. They have a great Charisma. They seem shy but with friends they are really active. They are great at sports and really athletic. Jerons are rare so if you have one do not let him go, they are lovely

also they have a fairly long schlong which will bring all the girls to the yard
Girl 1: Jeron is such good guy
Girl 2: I wish I had Jeron as a friend
by mixed up August 05, 2011
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An idiot who doesn't know what they're talking about. Or an asswipe.
The boy was being such a jeron saying that she should starve herself.
by Bæ is bæ May 22, 2017
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Somebody who leaves their high up position twice in a row, opting for lower positions in rival groups or companies. The first time they left and returned, they had to work very hard to regain the trust, and they did it again!
John earns $150,000 a year working for Microsoft. He accepts a new job at Jimbo's Computers, a part time job, earning $5,000 a year. This was a significant reduction in wages, so he felt ashamed with himself and convinced the management at Microsoft to let him return. After a year, he earns a Senior Management position. He then returns back to Jimbo's Computers, to his low paid job, for some stupid reason. This makes him a Jeron!
by Definejeron September 22, 2010
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