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lora is a cool and yet freindly person and a laugh to be around with. She will always make you smile when your down and always help you with your problems, even if she has her own fair share of problems too! If there were more people like her in the world, well we will be screwed but still! What a lovely person :)
Hopes this makes you smiles xD
'Hey lora thanks sooo much what would i do without you?'
by Stuieboy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! November 30, 2008
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A four-year liberal arts college located in Dubuque, Iowa. Loras is often considered one of finest small private colleges in the Midwest. Socially, Loras has a large amount of jocks and churchy people (but what IIAC school doesn't?).
Loras athletes compete at the NCAA Division III level. The college often excels in soccer, basketball, and track. Their main rivals are the University of Dubuque and Wartburg College.
I go to Loras. I'm probably nothing too special, but at least I got a fairly good education.
by livinginiowa May 29, 2008
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Lora is the Urdu/Hindi word for penis. It is synonymous with Lund, Lulli & Lulla. Given its similarity to the western name Laura it is also a inside joke amongst some western Indians/Pakistanis.
Abdullah: Asad ma ka Lora hai
Amir Liaqut: ghalib film dekhi hai aapne?
by loraman December 13, 2014
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Crappy college in Dubuque Iowa that resembles a high school only it is not as fun. All girls are prudes all the guys are jock fags and there is one college bar in the entire town.
I go to Loras "High School" and I never go out.
by Dewey the Duhawk May 02, 2005
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colloquial way to say Lorazepam, a benzo used to treat insomina.
She's on lora
by bongoexe June 18, 2018
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A lame, crappy college in Dubuque Iowa with nothing exciting to do other than drink "cold ones"
"Loras College -- its not just college, its your life"
by Stinkoman March 25, 2003
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