lora is a cool and yet freindly person and a laugh to be around with. She will always make you smile when your down and always help you with your problems, even if she has her own fair share of problems too! If there were more people like her in the world, well we will be screwed but still! What a lovely person :)
Hopes this makes you smiles xD
'Hey lora thanks sooo much what would i do without you?'
by Stuieboy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! November 30, 2008
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Lora is super coolio. She’s a goddess amongst the other Laura’s and she’s thiccc asff. She will proper bitch slap you if u piss her off and she gets all the fit lads. Also it’s some Hindui word for penis, BUT she has Big Dick Action
Oh shit it’s Lora she’s well cool
by DixieNormous420 November 25, 2019
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Lora is a nice but mean person, she will tell you whats on here mind no matter what even if it hurts you. Lora get the boy she wants by just being herself and she's a smart girl on the streets.
Lora is?
by lora's an asshole June 5, 2018
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Lora is a person that is often weird but bubbly and funny. Lora likes to have good laughs and likes to associate common words and definitions with eggs such as "Eggaxtly". Commonly she will watch Pamtri, Cool3D World and Salad Fingers on YouTube and integrate common nouns, verbs and adjectives from those shows into her daily text messaging. This person is a very weird person, usually from the United Kingdom. She is also an experienced Kung Fu master that will kick your ass if you make fun of her.
"That person is so Lora, eggaxtly!"
"I am the L-l-l-l-l-ll-l-l-l-ora I am the weirdo!"
"I like eggs, eggspecially in the morning, I am a Lora"
by CrystalClear151 September 18, 2018
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Lora is my name
by November 23, 2021
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A very weird person that likes eggs. A person that also jokes around a lot and likes to make people feel happy inside
"I am the Lora I like eggs I like how they make me feel inside"
by CrystalClear151 September 18, 2018
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