An act where cum is passed from one person's mouth to another's mouth.
Faye would only give Kev a blowjob if he agreed to try his own cum, they ended up snowballing as Faye's great at blowjobs and Kev didn't want to lose out
by Scotch Jock December 22, 2021
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A sexual game when after someone has had sperm ejaculated into their mouth they hold it orally rather than spitting or swallowing, then french-kiss with their partner.
Smasher, Beef, and Skeeter spent Saturday night snowballing and hitting the slopes.
by HogSwinger August 25, 2019
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Forming balls out of snow to be thrown at your friends in fun, or enemies in anger.
When I was a kid, my friends and I would go snowballing and have snowball fights.
by supertag November 21, 2005
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When you slowly increase your lead on your lane partner in League of Legends by farming minions and getting more kills.
The Irelia slowly snowballing over the Jayce as she quickly farmed minions and ganked the mid for a kill.
by Mkgrider23 October 21, 2012
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When two guys perform a 69 cum, then meet each other passing it from mouth to mouth
by larrrrryyyyy October 28, 2006
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After receiving oral sex from his partner, he then French kisses his partner while they spit his ejaculate into his mouth.

A man's ejaculate is usually a white color. After a few moments, if not disposed of, it will congeal into a semi hardened texture. It can then be rolled into a spherical shape like a ball. Thus the term snowballing. Also know as snowblowing.
He likes snowballing after he cums in my mouth.
by Dk57Cards September 19, 2019
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A person who sucks dick, gets cummed in his/her mouth. Then makes out with the person who cummed in their mouth while still having cum in their mouth.
by A friend August 15, 2003
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