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When the snow is melting, you're waiting for a bus (or walking down the sidewalk) and the snow plow comes by. If you're lucky you have time to run behind the bush shelter, if not... blammo!!!! Head to toe drenched with chunks of ice and freezing cold water.
Man I hate this time of year, waiting for a bus means you totally run the risk of being snow plowed!!!
by Dani-wu January 05, 2009
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The term "snowplowed" is used when you dominate a team/person so bad in a game, that they get absolutely snowplowed. The word "snowplowed" is used because it references the power of the plower. The plower is just pushing the snow (the team/person) out of the way, like it's nothing.
Holy shit! We just snowplowed them!
by Jshotgun November 10, 2015
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When someones cums in your ass and continues to butt fuck you all the while spewing all of the cum.
Hey Andrew, what did you do lastnight?

I was out at the bar and totally got snowplowed in an excavator after...

That sounds super fun.
by Weinerlickers69 January 04, 2016
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To get plowed or drunk when it is snowing out.
Student 1: Dude tomorrows classes are cancelled.

Student 2: YES! Lets get snow plowed tonight
by UconnHusky69 February 29, 2012
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Putting cocaine on your asshole and then getting fucked in the ass.
Brah, I just hooked up with a dude with a big dick and big bag of blow... I'm about to go get snow plowed!
by Crownie420 July 15, 2014
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