When your surfing the internet, likely social websites, going through other people's pictures, information, and/or status updates.
Jimmy: "Yo Tim I was snoopin the web today and I saw your girl was kissing a bunch of dudes."
Tim: " Mother fuck"

Hal: "Nah I ain't doing nothing. Just snoopin the web yo"
by DarthMewtwo88 February 01, 2013
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something very amazing, great, or crazy.
lauren: d00d how do you like my new hoodie, son?
catherine: zomg! it's snoopin man!

by liveforever December 17, 2007
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“Snoopin’ a doobie” aka gettinhigh af!
Where were you bro? I was just Snoopin’ a doobie.
by Notorious Big Ole D August 26, 2018
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When you decided to take it to the next level of just normal snooping on a person's facebook page.
Tonight I'm super snoopin on why my boyfriend is friends with dis ho.
by Linaron October 08, 2012
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The act of viewing someones Poop via Picture mail message,
Vinnie:Wow dude check out Reids poop picture he sent me.

Jen:Ewww Thats gross!!!!!

Reid:Yo Vinnie why was Jen poopin snoopin!!!???????
by coltfan1970 April 25, 2011
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“Hey, you’ve been in there awhile, are you okay?”
“Yeah, I’m just poopin’ n’ snoopin’”
by kp-ob April 28, 2019
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when your friends look through your phone looking for naked pictures sent to you by your other "friends"
James: dude let me see your phone

Steven: nahh man I dont want you snoopin my pics

James: did that new chick send you some last night?
by vnads June 23, 2009
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