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When a girl, (famously named after snookie from mtv's "jersey shore") gets punched in the face by a dude. It's usually followed my some fist pumping and brawling by greasy italians.
Scott: Ang, don't piss me off.
Ang: Why, what're you going to do about it?
Scott: Bitch, I'll snookie punch you right now.
by sjgjsalmp<3 January 10, 2010
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Snookie Punch is when a girl gets sucker punched in the face..
Guy 1" Dude me and Johhny Bottleservice were at the club and this bitch got Snookie Punched"
by The Tan-gent December 10, 2009
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a cheap shot delivered from a male to a female. Named after Nicole, aka "Snookie," from MTV's reality show "Jersey Shore," who was the recipient of a vicious cheap shot from a drunk male.
Drunk Jim threw a snookie punch at Evelyn because she mocked his popped collar.
by Itchy Armpits December 22, 2009
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To punch an annoying girl in the face unexpectedly.

Coined in 2009 on the MTV reality series "Jersey Shore" when female cast member Snookie was surprisingly punched in the face at a bar by a male patron being pestered by her.
I'm going to Snookie Punch this chick if she doesn't shut up.
by snipes2002 December 20, 2009
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A snookie punch is when a chick gets punched or sucker punched in the face.

'Snookie punch is named after mtv's famous reality show, Jersey Shore. A pop culture reference to the character Nicole Polizzi, a self proclaimed "guidette" nicknamed Snookie, after she was sucker punched at 'The Beachcomber Bar' while having a good time with the rest of the cast of Jersey Shore at the end of season 1, episode 4: Fade To Black.'

Other variations of the word are Snookers punch, Snickers punch or any variation of Snookie's nickname botched by her house mates during the season.
Carlo: This girl is ragging on everything I do. I will snookie punch her if she doesn't STFU.

Dino: I'm going to snookie punch you when you're not looking.
by Benalee January 15, 2010
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The official drink of Jersey Shore themed parties. It will knock you on your ass and take your Ed Hardy Hat clean off.

one half part bacardi 151
one part chambord
one part soco
two parts pinapple juice
top it with a splash of beer
There was a situation last night after the Snookie Punch hit me.
by Talbotron & Bebe5 January 13, 2010
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