When a bitch nigga shakes your hand one moment and you go inside of 7-11 but when you come out this bitch (crook) acting as if he wanted to talk to a homie, gets close to him and catches him off guard with punch in the eye as the homie had one foot on the ground and the other foot was up going to the curb. He never saw it coming. That's some pussy, lame, bitch ass CROOK shit!
What's up crook? Hands are shook next homie come out of store and crook pretends to be interested in where homie is going. Not expecting any bullshit, homie is going to talk to him and that's when bitch ass CROOK sucker punched him in the eye... punk ass bitch
by shortygrl May 20, 2015
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Easily confused with a punch defined as a "bitch move" a true sucker punch is quite a bit more complex than a simple unanounced attack.
It primarily involves a closed fist contacting the soft underbelly of a person (beneath the rib cage) at a high velocity, causing the ensuing force to press upward on the victim's diaphram, leading to a sudden expulsion of air from the victim's mouth and lungs. This opening blow leaves the victim open to various other attacks, often leading to what would be called "bitch moves" becuase of the defenseless nature of the victim.
John sucker punched David, and then he nutted him while he lay gasping for breath.
by Visa July 20, 2005
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This occurs when someone hits someone else from behind, usually when the person being hit doesn't know it until afterwards. Usually considered shady or a "bitch move".
by Mason April 14, 2003
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A punch that takes your enemy by suprise, possibly knocking them out.

Comes from them being a sucker for not having their guard up
The standoff broke when i saw this guy zoning out and threw the sucker punch
by Da Suka punch March 25, 2004
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What Floyd Mayweather did to Ortiz on September 17 2011..
Oh your trying to apologize to me? Ok...Now I'm going to sucker punch you because I am probably going to lose.
by Hawkspurm September 18, 2011
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An ambush "fist attack" on someone
Guy 1: That n*gga Rob Stone is crazy !! He had a guy sucker punch X on stage!!
Guy 2: No way, what a pussy!
by ELMO1337 June 08, 2017
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What a pussy does when he knows hes going to lose and thinks he can get an advantage.
I put my hands in my pockets looking for my lighter he sucker punched me so when i knocked him out and continued to beat the shit out of him for sucker punching me
by AIC420 September 25, 2010
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