A snipe hunt is a practical joke that involves experienced people making fun of newcomers by giving them an impossible or imaginary task.
The snipe is a real bird. It is not fictional nor extinct as many definitions claim. The common snipe is prevalent in Europe and Northern Asia. The Wilson snipe is prevalent in North America and is considered by some a separate species instead of an offshoot of the common snipe.

The snipe is responsible for the term "sniper" derived from marksman in England that had enough skill to stalk and kill the fast moving bird. The snipe is very fast and flies in an erratic pattern, making it an almost impossible target for novice hunters.
Since you have never been on a hunt, we should take you snipe hunting.
by Dad_a_Monk March 6, 2016
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Much like Cow Tipping, it is an errand into the woods to search for small fictional birds called snipes, but with more of the intent of ditching one's younger, more naive victim than finding snipes.
Hey kiddies, want to go snipe hunting?? You catch one by holding your flashlight very still on a single spot!
by Joe February 20, 2004
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A North-American prank and rite of passage wherein older adolescents take younger boys into the wilderness for the supposed purpose of “snipe hunting.” Snipes are an imaginary game bird purported to resemble quails or pheasants or what have you (the fictional snipe is not to be confused with the extant North American shorebird of that same name). Snipe hunts take place on moonless nights; the victims are provided burlap bags with which to catch the birds, while the conspirators spot them with flashlights. The conspirators make birdcalls, through rocks in the bushes, and urgently cry out “snipe” to make the victims believe that there are actually birds in the area. The victims don’t want to be the only one who can’t see the imaginary birds, so they claim to have seen them also. Pretty soon the victims have convinced each other they are surrounded by snipes and proceed to run about foolishly in search of the non-existent birds. “Dude right there didn’t you see it?” The conspirators will often agree that they have just seen a snipe in that cactus patch or lake or thorny bush and order then the victims to dive in and catch it with his respective sack. The victims are then often abandoned by their guides, thus completing the joke. The cycle repeats when this year’s dupes become privy to the joke and then take their younger brothers out the following year, in search of the ever-illusive snipe.
"You've never heard of snipe hunting? Dude we should go this weekend."
by sleepinggrass January 21, 2005
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Taking a new friend from college back homerural. Get them all liqoured up and hand them a black trash bag.
Explaining to them what these 'birds' look like, and that they only come out in the middle of the night.

Get them to stand in the middle of a field or woods.
Explain to them that you will 'scare' the 'birds' towards them, and for them to be prepared to catch.

And leave them out in the woods for a good hour or so, Then go scare the crap out of them.
by DAE85 August 27, 2005
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To search for half smoked discarded cigarettes; often used in homeless circles. These searches are often done at public ashtrays & locales where large amounts of people gather i.e. Bars, Malls ect. Popular term in the southern states.
Hey, I need a smoke i'm fixin to go snipe hunting
by jagerskins January 26, 2011
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A story you tell your date in order to get her to a makeout spot....

Wanna go Snipe hunting or watching?

Snipes are water birds that live on the coasts. To see one in land is rare.
After the movie, do you wanna go Snipe hunting/watching?
by D0c11 June 24, 2010
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A snipe is a large flightless bird that is very reclusive. To draw one from it's lair, a snipe call must be performed. This is acieved by clicking two rocks together. When the snipe appears, the frightened jounior campers throw rocks at it.
Corbs: Hey guys, we're gonna go snipe hunting!
OT1: ...What's a Snipe?
Corbs: Its a large flightless bird
OT1: There are large flightless birds at Bement?
Corbs: Uhhh...Yeah!
by Phishr October 1, 2005
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