When a man tucks his erection upwards behind his waisteband so most of it is hidden "behind the fence" with just the head poked out above it like a certain well known neighbor on television. Hidey Ho
I had to do The Wilson to hide my erection when walking through the mall the other day.
by Dingleberry Larry August 25, 2016
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The portion of the face that is seen from a female's point of view during cunnilingus. The pop culture reference is from the television program, "Home Improvement", in which the next door neighbor (Wilson), was only seen from the nose and above, with the lower portion of his face blocked by a fence or other object.
Ex. 1) Female: "He went down on me last night and the only thing I saw last night was The Wilson."

Ex. 2) Male: "I'm gonna go down on her and show her The Wilson."
by B to the Izzo January 18, 2011
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It is when a woman is on her period and is feeling kind of horny and her husband lies next to her asleep. The woman masturbates getting blood all over her hand and then slaps her husband across the face leaving a bloody handprint.
I can't believe my wife gave me "The Wilson" the other night while I was asleep.
by Buck Thunderclap March 21, 2008
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The act of rubbing a mixture of tea tree oil , chilli powder and various other condaments onto the pubic region of a camel.
Jacob "I gave the wilson to my camel , id never seen anything so inflamed"
Corey "By Jove"
by The fudger pickler November 29, 2007
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The act of ejaculating into ones hand, and then smearing your jizz covered palm into the woman's face while screaming "Wilson!"
"Ashley was giving me a blowjob last night, and I finished her off with the Wilson."
by Fuzzycashew November 3, 2015
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To give a female "The Wilson" is an act that takes place during a massage of the buttocks; the female must be on her period. While the female lays on her stomach with her pants down, the male straddles her back. The male proceeds to rub her period blood on his hands then slaps the hand print on her butt cheek to resemble "Wilson" from "Cast Away".
Person 1: "Have you ever experienced The Wilson?"
Person 2: "I just got Wilsoned last night!"
by shelbeast October 24, 2014
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adj: Describing a person who is super awesome. Very good at everything possible (except losing).
That kid is a total Wilson and is super cool
by Toblerone111 December 21, 2011
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